Yoder Polycraft Furniture

Yoder's Polycraft Furniture makes tables and chairs that last a lifetime, while helping reduce landfills, and keeping the world beautiful. How can they make those claims? Because these beautiful pieces of furniture are made of premium PolyTuf HDPE, a recycled plastic lumber., made from milk cartons collected in community recycling programs!

PolyTuf HDPE is a very dense material that offers many benefits over regular wood lumber, especially for year round outdoor use here in Iowa's extreme weather. These pieces are virtually maintenance free! They are smooth to the skin and will never splinter. HDPE does not crack or split in severe climates. It will not mold in wet conditions, and does not promote bacterial growth. The color is embedded as the lumber is created, so because the color is not just on the surface, your pieces will never need to be painted, stained or waterproofed. So what maintenance will they need? Well if you live near a gravel road, or farm field, you might need to hose them off when they get dusty.

Each piece of furniture you purchase from Yoder's comes complete with stainless steel hardware to prevent rust, and of course they pay great attention to the smallest detail to ensure a quality product that will give you years of enjoyment. To back that up, they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Timeless Charm is proud to promote these locally Amish made heirlooms, which will certainly allow you to take advantage of their slogan - Relax & Enjoy!

Every piece is available in 12 beautiful colors or an amazing number of color combinations. If you are wanting a combination color, we would appreciate taking your order personally to ensure we get your order just right. Please call 319.656.3044 Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm CST.

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